Five secrets that aviation schools do NOT want you to know

Studying aviation is one of the most beautiful professions that can exist, and we do not say this only for those who are dedicated to be pilots, but for all the aeronautical personnel who perform the important work of air transportation.

However, we must also be clear and admit that not everything is simple. There are some sacrifices, which are often not discussed in public and are important to know, especially if you want to get in this world.

Aviation is not only a profession, it is a lifestyle. Our lives, habits and decisions must revolve around it, but that is precisely what makes it so wonderful, especially when you love the aeronautical environment.

Now, do not misunderstand us with this article, we do not want to discourage you in the intention of being a "professional of the air" but on the contrary, show you that this sector can become quite complex and therefore it is increasingly requires people with more passion and commitment to perform in it.

Let's get to it...

Seen from the outside, aviation seems like a dream life: constant flying, good presentation, glamour, makeup, perfect cities, beautiful people... All these details, which are nothing more than mirages of society, are the result of television or movies that have put the aeronautical profession on the "pedestal", painting it as easy and banal.

We do not blame them, in part the culture encompasses many of these qualities, however they are NOT THE RULE for this profession. Those who tell you that you are going to study aviation because you will become famous and earn the easy money, are deceiving you and also based on media bias.

What is more, worry! because they may be looking for other interests.

However, we must confess that this life dedicated to aviation is not perfect, but for those of us who are part of it, it represents an honor and we love it regardless of the sacrifices, because we feel it as an extension of our body ... of our soul (so nice and poetic the admin) 😍.

Let's start by telling you those details that many schools do not want to tell you, but are true...

Your life will be governed by a monthly schedule

We did not want to put it so bluntly and that's why we went for the noun "nice" but the reality is that You do not own your schedule. The flight schedule, whether you are a pilot or cabin crew, is defined by the airline itself, who plans the itinerary of flights and routes to take, of course you must accommodate it. Besides this, forget about the idea that "you will only fly internationally or on specific routes" unless you comply with processes defined by the airline, you must accommodate to the airline's conditions, so you better be prepared for everything.
Maybe you are planning a party or birthday, but the airline decided to accommodate your flight for that day, what are you going to do, will you give up? You need to understand that the world does not revolve around you, let alone your personal occupations, that's why you must have criteria and maturity, if you want to choose to be part of the aeronautical world.
You will have rescheduling or inopportune calls that you will not like to receive.
Explaining a little in detail the previous point, let's do it with a specific situation, which illustrates our blogger: The Pailot
"You are quietly at home on a Friday, on standby, it i 4:30 pm and you have not been activated so far. You are already savoring the barbecue planned by your friends for Saturday, which you were scheduled to take off, but...THE PHONE RINGS AND YOU ANXIOUSLY ANSWER IT:

- ...Hello?
- Hello, this is John from scheduling/roles to tell you that your reservation is activated. You would be leaving on flight XXXX from Dubai to London
- ...but John, I have tomorrow off, I have my day life...
- Look, it's taken as rescheduling, you are leaving today and coming back on Sunday with the return, plus a Munich landing at 5 pm.
- ...but...but...but...
- You are wanted in 55 minutes.

How would you act in this situation? Are you going to run away from the commitment or do you get up the courage to go ahead and work?

Airlines are NOT killing themselves to hire you.

Let's be clear, we do not want to say that you are not eligible for an airline to go to great lengths to hire you, but let's be honest, how likely is this when you are just starting out?

If you are going to study aviation you must understand that this is a constant path, step by step, do not expect to become the super "Captain" when you have barely managed to pass your refresher course. Going patiently will allow you to discover new things about aviation that you may not even know, and you will see that constant preparation is the key.

Let's admit in this space also that employers can be complex at the beginning, but let's be equally honest, this applies to all professional or non-professional careers you know, regardless if they are aviation or not; but as it also happens with them: Do not stress and trust in your principles will lead you to overcome the difficulties, do not forget that humility and self-improvement are values that will guide your way.

Crew members also sweat, they get tired... They are also human.

Let's get rid once and for all (and hopefully forever) of that prejudice that has pilots as gods, mounted on their jet with a glass of wine in their right hand and thousand-dollar shiny glasses in their left hand, and that besides that, after 20 hours of flight they are still intact, without a drop of sweat on their white shirts and as cheerful as if they had just got up. NO! Pilots and in general each of the crew members are human beings, who can also feel the fatigue produced by a flight (especially when there are several accumulated journeys).

We also include on this point those passengers, who usually tend to vent their anger against the Flight Attendant, because they think that aviation jobs are very easy and that anyone is capable of doing them. These people, who tend to confuse charisma and kindness with relaxation and disrespect, are the ones who represent a headache for the cabin crew, who in addition to dealing with them must add to the effects of a flight and that a Flight Attendant feels firsthand: the time exposed to pressurized cabins, noise, heat, delays and so on.

Studying aviation is NOT for everyone: Theoretical and human training DOES matter and makes a difference.
Aviation in general is a fantastic industry, but it requires a lot of effort and dedication. Being part of this environment is a privilege and therefore you need knowledge and practice to get ahead, these values can only be acquired in an aviation school that gives you the space for your personal growth.

There are cases of students (generally not very good) who blame their schools because they did not learn anything, the truth is that many of these people are the ones who spent their training time ignoring the classes and going for a walk in the student stage. What do you expect from a future air professional with those qualities?

Much of what is a future aeronautical personnel is known from the student stage, because it is there where the values that accompany forever the life project are built, so if you are studying something related to aviation or plan to do so, pay attention to your values and non-technical skills. Never negotiate your principles, always work on strengthening them...

So, we have presented you a top 5 of secrets that have the formative life in the aviation sector, you should not forget that despite these and many other sacrifices that exist, nothing can replace the joy of fulfilling such a beautiful job. To feel the smile of getting on an airplane to perform something you dreamed of as a child is a treasure. Treasure it!

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